Cloud Based Services

Muthu Soft Labs is the cloud services provider of choice. From Software-as-a-Service offering to cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service and cloud desktop hosting, Muthu Soft Labs’ cloud services enable organizations to match IT resources to business requirements more effectively, reducing capital expense. With the cloud as a service, organizations also enjoy greater scalability and cost reductions. And IT teams can be freed from the routine tasks of monitoring, maintaining and updating IT resources by offloading these jobs to a team of third-party experts. It offers a world-class cloud architecture and state-of-the-art data centre services, protected by the most advanced and a proven security methodology. Brings down capital expenditure drastically by eliminating the need to build and maintain IT infrastructure on-premise.

  • Achieve faster time-to-value by avoiding long procurement cycles as it can provision resources far more quickly than with on-premise infrastructure.
  • Match IT resources to business needs more efficiently by provisioning servers, storage, memory and bandwidth and scale easily to meet demand.
  • Application service to manage hosting for enterprise applications and communication resources
  • Desktop services that provide virtual cloud desktops to help solve the challenges of administrating desktops for a mobile workforce.
  • Infrastructure services that provide virtualized infrastructure on demand and allow organizations to match resources to business needs more effectively.
  • Hosting services that allow organizations to outsource management of servers, security, networks, databases, storage and more.

Muthu Soft Labs enables organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure to meet current business needs and quickly scale up to future requirements.